Meet the critters who gently purr, boof, and squeak their way into our hearts!


Quinn, aka Quinnicus Caticus, is Dr. Ford's emotional support companion. She is full of personality, like her owner Dr. Ford, and loves her people who come to the office for assistance. Quinn is adept at sensing anxiety and discomfort within clients. She will assist by comforting, purring, and gently requesting cuddles from the client. Clients have praised her comforting prowess, and have been more at ease discussing uncomfortable topics during sessions. Quinn has proven to be a valuable and unique treatment provider, and the humans could not imagine our office without her! 


Bio coming soon!!


Ollie, aka Ollie Bobbins or simply 'The Bobbins', is Dr. Levitan's therapy companion. He is the embodiment of being free of judgment- he loves all people! After all, a stranger is simply a soon-to-be friend willing to give belly rubs! Ollie works especially well with adolescents. Although he may seem intimidating with his size (this is 60 pounds of Bobbins after all), his loving and gentle nature helps us realize that first impressions are not always correct and unconditional love and support is possible regardless of appearance.


Bio coming soon!!


Socrates aka Socks is Quinn's adorable niece and definitely looks up to her Auntie. Socks is still a kitten in training so she is not quite ready to tackle work on her own. But you may still catch her shadowing Quinn so she can learn the ropes! She is definitely looking forward to being part of the therapy team!